Voters approve smart transportation referenda

The Nov. 2 election dimmed the chance of a major new infusion of federal money for transportation.  But when voters were presented with local projects and plans, they usually said yes, even when it meant higher taxes.
Voters in 13 states approved 22 of 30 measures on the ballot, totaling nearly $500 million in new funding for transit, according to the non-partisan Center for Transportation Excellence.  Those endorsements add to impressive transit victories earlier in 2010.  Through the year, 43 of 56 measures, totaling $1 billion in funding, have been approved.  That’s a 77 percent victory rate.
Transit was not the only smart transportation beneficiary on Nov. 2; several referenda will also fund roads.  For example, one $90 million ballot measure, approved by voters in Austin, will support complete streets projects.
“Despite the economy and conventional political wisdom about opposition to taxes,” said CFTE Executive Director Jason Jordan, “voters acknowledged that thoughtful, targeted investments in their communities are vital to restoring and sustaining prosperity.”
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