New direction for the Highway Capacity Manual: Include active traffic management and a multimodal approach

The latest edition of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) updates how engineers and planners assess the traffic and environmental effects of highway projects. According to TRB:
• It is the first HCM to provide an integrated multimodal approach to the analysis and evaluation of urban streets from the points of view of automobile drivers, transit passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians;
• It is the first to address the proper application of micro-simulation analysis and the evaluation of those results;
• It is the first to discuss active traffic management in relation to both demand and capacity; and
• It is the first to provide specific tools and generalized service volume tables, to assist planners in quickly sizing future facilities.
To learn more: TRB is cosponsoring a webinar on April 28, 2011, from 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. EDT, which is being conducted by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), that will explore the Highway Capacity Manual 2010’s (HCM2010’s) multimodal level-of-service analysis methods and their potential applications, especially for bicycle, pedestrian, and transit users. Participants must register in advance of the webinar, space is limited, and there is a fee for non-TRB Sponsor employees.