Walk or drive and see how much it costs for gas.

MapQuest’s gas pricing tool gives gas prices for your town and nationally. As of April 11, the lowest priced gas is $3.19 in Mt Holly, NJ and the highest price tops out at $5.04 in Shoshone, CA. Choose a city and state or type in a zip code to find the lowest-priced gas in that area. If the sticker shock is too great, MapQuest’s blog notes: “Additional tools on MapQuest.com may help consumers plan more effectively with replacement options, including:
Alternate Routes: This tool offers between three and five alternative route options that may provide a more efficient route or that may lead drivers by gas stations offering lower prices.
Map Toolbar: Perhaps a lunch-break trip to the convenience store may save the gas it would take to drive there on the way home. The business locator, found on the map toolbar, pinpoints businesses in the searched area pertaining to a specific need or interest.
Pedestrian Routing: Running those errands can be even easier with simple pedestrian directions from MapQuest. The new nationwide pedestrian mode allows walking travelers to be routed down one-way streets, pedestrian malls, through parks and along designated paths.
Transit Routing: Additionally, a new rail transit option links the pedestrian mode with public rail transportation routing in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Boston, reaching roughly 90 percent of the nation’s rail ridership.”
All they need to add is the cost of shoe leather.