July 2011 Community of Practice Meeting

July 12-13, 2011

The meeting consisted of peer-to-peer discussions between CEOs focused on financial issues confronting state DOTs and strategies, related to both revenues and expenditures, for adjusting to the “new normal.”


A single large file of the materials shown below (170 pages; does not include the protected McKinsey document – the last one on the list – which must be accessed directly) can be viewed as a pdf.

Agenda (6 pages)

Attendees (3 pages)

Proposal for SSTI work on economic impact (7 pages)

Ten Charts: Selected statistics related to finance and operations of transportation systems in states represented in the July 2011 Community of Practice meeting. SSTI, 2011. (8 pages)

The Highway Trust Fund and Paying for Highways. Kile, Congressional Budget Office, 2011. (34 pages)

Financing Transportation in the 21st Century: An Intergovernmental Perspective.National Academy of Public Administration, 2008. (116 pages)

States push to convert interstate highways into toll roads. Vock, Stateline, 2011. (3 pages)

Applying lean production to the public sector. Bhatia and Drew, McKinsey, 2006. (7 pages)