FHWA planning and environment linkages training webinar

The Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) Program, a joint effort of FHWA’s Office of Planning and Office of Project Development and Environmental Review, is offering a training webcast titled “PEL 101: The Tools for Adopting and Implementing a PEL Approach,” at 2:00pm (Eastern) on Tuesday, November 1, 2011.
The purpose of the training is to help transportation professionals and resource agency practitioners understand, coordinate and integrate transportation planning and the environmental review process. The target audience for the webcast is public and private-sector transportation planning and environmental practitioners, and environmental resource agency staff.
Registration for this training is free, but limited. Register at https://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/resources/webconference/web_conf_learner_reg.aspx?webconfid=23475. Participants will receive email instructions on how to access the webcast. For further information, contact Gina Filosa at gina.filosa@dot.gov.