The Innovative DOT: A Handbook of Policy and Practice

September 28, 2012

With DOT budget shortfalls growing, traditional means of delivering transportation services no longer meet today’s needs, and they are incapable of launching tomorrow’s economy.

While change is daunting, it is both essential and possible—as those who have done it can attest. States and their DOTs are improving services in the short term and planning effectively for the long term. They have adopted innovative yet pragmatic policy reforms, and are reevaluating and retooling traditional practices. Their success offers a path forward for others.

SSTI has teamed up with Smart Growth America to create a resource to inform senior state-level transportation officials as they make decisions that position their agencies for success. This handbook of transportation policy and practice for the new economy collects the innovative approaches state leaders are already using to make systems more efficient, government more effective, and constituents better satisfied.

Join Roger Millar, SGA Vice President and Director of Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute, and Al Biehler, SSTI executive committee member and former Pennsylvania DOT Secretary, for an introduction to this tool.

A video of the webinar is available here.

The slides alone can be downloaded here.