SSTI Report on State and Local Transportation Revenue Sources (SSTI, 2013)

This SSTI report examines innovative, sustainable transportation funding models to assist decision-makers in identifying policies and practices to augment the current fuel tax revenue system. The report provides a broad account of these funding methods, where they have been implemented or proposed, and identifies state laws, policies, and practices that permit state DOTs and local governments to pursue a more sustainable funding model. The report, completed with the participation of North Carolina DOT, as well as Arizona, Illinois,Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington DOTs, suggests ways multiple revenue sources might be packaged to support and maintain transportation systems.

[Update: The final report was issued and posted here January 2013.]
Download the final report.

A summary spreadsheet of potential revenue sources available to states, with survey responses showing which states can or do use that source, is available for download here.

A webinar on this topic was offered in October 2012. A recording of the webinar, as well as the slides used can be found here.