Prospects for mileage-based insurance

March 27, 2013

Insurance based on a per-mile basis – sometimes called mileage-based policies or pay-as-you-drive insurance – is offered in some form in all states, but usually without ongoing price feedback. Such insurance is relatively new in the marketplace, however, and most consumers are unfamiliar with it. FHWA is studying whether mileage-based insurance may reduce vehicle miles traveled or congestion.

Allen Greenberg Senior Policy Analyst at FHWA Value Pricing Pilot Program will discuss how pay-as-you-drive insurance may impact how much Americans drive. He will be joined by Robin Harbarge, Director at Towers Watson – a consultant for insurance companies implementing these policies –  who will discuss what the barriers are to wider offerings of this insurance.

The audio for this webinar is not available, however, the slides can be viewed here.