SSTI Community of Practice Meeting – Making the most of the Transportation Alternatives Program

May 7-9, 2013

MAP-21 makes some substantial changes to the funding stream that has fueled pedestrian and bicycle projects around the country. Among the changes in the new Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP): combining previously separate programs, creating a sub-allocation requirement for MPOs and a population-based funding formula, and changing the entities that can apply for funding.

SSTI will hold a meeting for our partner states and invited MPO representatives to review the state of the program and focus on ways that DOTs and their local partners can select, design, and deliver the projects that best advance pedestrian and bicycle mobility and access.

The proceedings of the meeting are available here.

Agenda and logistics

Materials for attendees:

Topic areas – to be prioritized and/or added to at meeting

The complete briefing book for attendees is available here.

Individual briefing book sections can be accessed below:

Overview of TAP under MAP-21

FHWA TAP Interim Guidance with FAQ

Infographic – SAFETEA-LU TE vs. MAP-21 TAP

Best practices and simplification

Bike-walk best practices for MPOs

Categorical Exclusions questions

Possible funding sources besides TAP

Possible fed funding sources for bike-walk projects

FHWA fact sheet – CMAQ

FHWA fact sheet- HSIP

FHWA Fact sheet – Apportionment

Sample selection criteria and project guidelines

National TAP Clearinghouse -Sample Quantitative_Selection – 2012


MPO Sample Scoring Criteria