New Yorkers find new uses for bike share docking stations

By Robbie Webber
Despite all the angst and dire predictions generated by the location of the Citibike kiosks, and concerns over safety and aesthetics, it appears that the docking stations are fast becoming just another piece of street furniture in New York. As noted in a recent New York Times article, city dwellers are sitting on the docks, tying their shoes, using them to hang clothes while changing, or simply leaning on the new additions. Some restaurant-goers are finding them a convenient place to wait for a table, while others are using the bikes to burn off the calories after dining. Kids pedal the bikes backwards without taking them out of the docks.
As predicted in the bike blog Copenhagenize, the docks are fast becoming part of the accepted city scene, concerns have faded, and life goes on.
Robbie Webber is a Senior Associate at SSTI.