Lifting the Veil on Bicycle & Pedestrian Spending (Advocacy Advance, 2014)

This report, from Advocacy Advance, a partnership of the Alliance for Biking and Walking and the League of American Bicyclists, benchmarked planned bicycling and walking project spending in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program and breaks down how state Departments of Transportation can become more transparent and responsive to community needs. Both stand-alone bicycle-pedestrian projects and also road projects that have a bicycle-pedestrian accommodation or component were included.
Their conclusions:

  • Bicycling and walking investments are difficult to determine and appear to be small.
  • Bicycling and walking facilities are more numerous than cost percentage estimates alone might suggest.
  • Complete Streets policies are often correlated with more projects including bicycling and walking facilities, but having good data better explains states’ performance.
  • No strong trend emerged in how states allocated spending among biking, walking, and shared-use facilities.

Advocacy Advance also evaluated each STIP for 10 specific data transparency criteria. The criteria were developed to address how states can improve their STIP reporting so citizens can better find, understand and evaluate planned transportation investments.
The report also includes a scorecard for each state.
Down the report and scorecards.