SSTI Community of Practice – Spring 2014

March 25-26, 2014

SSTI’s spring 2014 Community of Practice meeting was held March 25-26 in Detroit. Topics and agenda are below. These meetings are open to state DOT CEOs and by-invitation to others.

Meeting logistics

Final agenda


Policy-driven investment: How to better match spending with state and departmental goals

– Special guest: Steve Heminger, Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission


Modernizing Caltrans: Catalyzing a culture change

Brian Kelly, Secretary, California State Transportation Agency

The California Department of Transportation: SSTI Assessment and Recommendations – executive summary

A 30-year vision: Anthony Foxx’s intellectual reset for federal transportation policy

– Special guest: Gene Conti, former Secretary, North Carolina DOT

Critical Issues in Transportation 2013

The promise of big data: Moving from an infrastructure approach to a customer-driven systems approach

– Special guests: Bill King, PE, AirSage and Ory Zik, Founder and CEO, Energypoints

Big Data in Logistics


An idea worth spreading? Michigan’s Multi Modal Development and Delivery (M2D2) program

Kirk Steudle, Director, and Polly Kent, Administrator, Intermodal Policy Division, Michigan DOT

M2D2 Scope of Work

Dealing with developers: New approaches in Massachusetts and California that address last-man-in, multimodalism, and land use concerns

– Special guest: Phill Worth, Kittelson & Associates


Preliminary Evaluation of Transportation Metrics

Urban/suburban travel and community building: Emerging opportunities for win-win partnering between state and local transportation agencies

– Special guests: Ed Reiskin, President, NACTO, and Director of Transportation, San Francisco MTA; Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor, Philadelphia


Overview of the NACTO Urban Street Design Guide

SSTI activities

Non-Motorized Performance Measure Matrix [DRAFT]

Freight TDM report – executive summary