Making a Compelling Case: Performance-Driven Investments in the MAP-21 Era

In today’s funding-constrained environment, maximizing the performance of transportation investments is a top priority. By leveraging a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches to evaluate transportation projects, states and regions can better align their limited dollars to the most cost-effective and sustainable investments. In addition, the passage of MAP-21 in 2012 highlighted a bipartisan interest in better integrating performance measures and performance evaluation into transportation decision-making processes.

In this webinar, David Vautin, Senior Transportation Planner at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in Oakland, CA discussed the importance of integrating performance into the regional transportation decision-making process, highlighting both MTC’s analytical framework and the policy implications for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Plan Bay Area, discussed in the presentation, is available here.

Download the presentation slides here.

A video of the presentation is available for download here.