Massachusetts GreenDOT: Sustainability and Stewardship

On June 2, 2010, MassDOT embarked on a comprehensive environmental responsibility and sustainability initiative known as GreenDOT. GreenDOT is making MassDOT a national leader in “greening” the state’s transportation system. GreenDOT’s primary goals are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; promote the healthy transportation options of walking, bicycling, and public transit; and support smart land uses through smart growth development.

Join Ned Codd, MassDOT Assistant Secretary for GreenDOT, and Jeff Mullan, former MassDOT Secretary,  to learn about how MassDOT defines sustainability, what is included in the GreenDOT policy, progress towards implementation and institutionalization, and how MassDOT is measuring and communicating about the program.

Slides for this webinar can be downloaded here or watch the full video below.