Public Bikesharing in North America During a Period of Rapid Expansion: Understanding Business Models, Industry Trends, and User Impacts (Mineta Transportation Institute, 2014)

This study evaluates public bikesharing in North America, reviewing the change in travel behavior exhibited by members of different programs in the context of their business models and operational environment. This research, features interviews with IT-based bikesharing organizations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

In addition to expert interviews, the authors conducted two kinds of surveys with bikesharing users. One was the online member survey, mainly annual members of the bikesharing system. The second survey was an on-street survey. This survey was designed for anyone, including casual users (i.e., those who are not members of the system and use it on a short-term basis), to take “on-street” via a smartphone.
This report builds on previous research from 2012, including expert interviews with industry experts and public officials in the United States and Canada, as well as 19 interviews with the manager and/or key staff of IT-based bikesharing organizations.
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