The Innovative DOT 2015: An updated handbook for transportation officials

January 27, 2015

Transportation agencies around the country maintain ambitious goals of improving safety, alleviating congestion, improving system reliability, accelerating project delivery, preserving valuable assets, enhancing economic opportunities, reducing environmental impacts, and helping to create healthier, more livable neighborhoods. Meeting these goals at a time when resources are increasingly limited is causing many agencies to take innovative approaches that fit the unique demands of their states and provide greater benefits at less cost. SSTI and Smart Growth America continue to track these strategies, which are outlined in an updated version of The Innovative DOT handbook.

Panelists Adetokunbo “Toks” Omishakin, Deputy Commissioner/Chief of Environment & Planning at the Tennessee DOT; Billy Fields, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Texas State University; Roger Millar, Vice President, Smart Growth America; and Chris Spahr, SSTI Project Assistant, highlighted updated content and demonstrate how transportation professionals have applied the manual since its original release in 2012. Updates include new case studies from around the country and more detailed approaches to project selection and improving options for mobility and access.

Slides from this webinar can be downloaded here.

The Innovative DOT Handbook can be found here.