MassDOT helps travelers make sense of regional bus, train, and ferry routes

By Bill Holloway
Last month MassDOT announced the release of a comprehensive set of maps detailing privately operated bus, rail, and ferry routes throughout New England and connecting services to New York State. Recognizing that intercity travelers in New England often pass through multiple states in a single day, and that there was no single source for regional bus, train, and ferry information, MassDOT began its effort to develop one. The agency worked closely with neighboring DOTs to compile the information, and has produced a set of multilingual maps. According to the agency’s press release, the maps will be available as fold out maps through state tourism offices, large-scale maps displayed in transportation terminals throughout New England, and in the future will be accessible on the MassDOT Transit webpage.
According to Amanda Richard, Deputy Press Secretary for MassDOT, the agency has not yet settled on a schedule to update the maps but is hoping to release updated versions every year or two.
Bill Holloway is a Transportation Policy Analyst at SSTI.