DOT sustainability directors meeting

June 10, 2015

Caltrans and SSTI hosted a meeting for senior state DOT staff with key responsibilities for sustainability. The meeting both explored topics related to implementing sustainable practices as well as creation of a sustainability directors network. If you or someone in your organization is interested in attending future meetings, contact Eric Sundquist,

Final Agenda

Full briefing book (35 mb)


Individual sections of the briefing book can be accessed below


  1. Organizational capacity for and understanding of sustainability

  1. Developing measures

  1. Role of new data sources in enabling new measures, and making better decisions

See also “Demand management” below

  1. Project selection

  1. Green infrastructure

  1. Energy efficiency and renewables

  1. Climate resilience

  1. Sustainability rating tools

  1. Design issues

  1. Demand management 

    Pricing, employer-based TDM, improved connectivity, last-mile solutions and other initiatives may help provide access to destinations while easing congestion and emissions.

  1. Multimodalism and cross-modal cooperation 

    While most state DOTs do not “control” transit or local street networks, they can work collaboratively with the agencies that do. Same with land use authorities.


1. Sustainability Maturity Model:

2. VMT

3. Economic impacts of transportation

4. Performance measures

5. Project selection

6. Climate

FHWA materials on how to integrate GHG reduction into planning and projects

Other pages and documents


8. SB 743