A People’s History of Recent Urban Transportation Innovation (Transit Center, 2015)

In the past decade, several cities have transformed their streets by adding bus and bike lanes, creating new pedestrian plazas, and emphasizing the movement of people instead of cars. But these changes can be difficult to initiate and challenging to present to the general public.

This new report examines six cities’ recent innovations in urban transportation. It looks at what is behind successful change and found three common elements: a civic sector that is resident-led, non-elite, and outside government that can direct public support; a bold mayor and transportation agency head who have the vision and skills to manage this innovation; and a staff willing to challenge the existing culture within local government.

Based on the experiences of the six cities–New York City, Portland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Charlotte–TransitCenter recommends actions for transit advocates, policymakers, foundations, and anyone interested in transportation change.
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