Virginia’s SMART SCALE helped Hampton Roads improve its transportation projects

By Robbie Webber
The December 12 edition of the Daily Press (Hampton Roads) features an editorial by Virginia DOT Secretary Aubrey Layne explaining how the state’s new project selection process, dubbed SMART SCALE, improved the way transportation projects are planned and developed. The editorial points out that regional leaders in the Hampton Roads area needed to be strategic about which projects were the most important and would score the best under SMART SCALE. This process lead to better, more thoughtful projects being submitted for the limited available state funds.
According to the SMART SCALE website, “Transportation projects are scored based on an objective, outcome-based process that is transparent to the public and allows decision-makers to be held accountable to taxpayers.”
You can read the entire editorial here, and you can learn more about SMART SCALE on the state’s website or via a webinar on our website from last year.
Robbie Webber is a Senior Associate at SSTI.