SSTI CEO Community of Practice meets in Boston

By Eric Sundquist

CEOs and other senior officials from 16 state DOTs, as well as the Massachusetts Commission on the Future of Transportation, gathered in late July for SSTI’s annual Community of Practice meeting.
While the conversation was free-flowing without any formal motions or votes, and so is not readily summarized, readers may enjoy seeing the briefing materials that formed the basis for the discussion. These are listed below, with SSTI-authored products marked with an asterisk.

If you are a DOT CEO and would like to join us for our 2019 meeting in Denver, date TBA, please contact Director Eric Sundquist,

New mobility and other disruptive forces

*Moving toward policy for new mobility: A guide for cities and states (draft), SSTI, July 2018
California seeks White House meeting on auto mileage revamp, Bloomberg, June 2018
EPA said to seek end of California’s authority over car rule, May 2018
Auto Alliance letter to RI Governor, May 2018
NESCAUM ZEV plan, June 2018
Advanced Technology Vehicle data, Auto Alliance and Center for Sustainable Energy, 2018
EPA waiver decision on California advanced clean car program, 2012
Massachusetts Future of Transportation orientation presentation

Infrastructure investments

*Modernizing Mitigation: A Demand-Centered Approach (excerpt), SSTI, July 2018
*Accessibility in practice, SSTI, 2017
SMART SCALE Technical Guide, Commonwealth Transportation Board, 2017
I-66 performance report, Virginia Secretary of Transportation, July 2018
*Utah stepping up multimodal planning and investment under new law, SSTI, July 2018
Excerpt from Utah Senate Bill 136 on project prioritization
*To reach clean energy goals, Hawaii needs to address VMT, SSTI, May 2018
Smart Transportation Rank Choice (draft), HDOT and Smart Growth America, 2018
*Federally funded data as a speed-management tool, SSTI, May 2018
Increasing design flexibility in the AASHTO Green Book, Doug Harwood, July 2018


Cheaper gas or better roads? The Battle over California’s new gas tax, KPTC, May 2018
Massachusetts rolls back automatic gas tax hike, Governing Magazine, November 2014


Help Wanted, FHWA Public Roads, 2017
Transportation job needs and priorities report, phase 2, Northeast Transportation Workforce Center, Northeast Transportation Workforce Center, 2016
Job needs and priorities report, phase 2 (excerpt), Southwest Transportation Workforce Center, Southwest Transportation and Workforce Center, 2016
Analysis: New study of DCPS examines why high-performing teachers leave — and what can be done to retain them,, May 2018
TDOT’s approach to staffing, July 2018