Getting the staff you need, and keeping them: TDOT’s story

September 5, 2018

Today, most state transportation departments find themselves being pulled by two negative forces.  First, they are being told to cut staff in order to demonstrate efficiency to the legislature and the public.  Secondly, retaining stellar employees is strained by uncompetitive pay scales and competition from the private sector.  The Tennessee Department of Transportation believes cutting staff is not necessarily an indicator of efficiency; in fact, it can have the opposite effect and did just that in their state.  This webinar will take you through the environment that Commissioner John Schroer and Chief Financial Officer Joe Galbato faced in Tennessee, and more importantly, what they did to combat these forces.  The path taken in Tennessee required strong support from the top such as Governor Bill Haslam’s legislation from 2012.  We look forward to sharing their story with you.

Download the slides from the webinar.