2024 Community of Practice Meeting

September 30- October 1, 2023
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

What is SSTI’s Community of Practice? 

Our annual meetings facilitate peer-to-peer interaction among agency leaders. Attendees learn from invited experts and from each other through discussions they can’t often have in other venues. Our meetings focus on policies and best practices and advancing equity, sustainability, and good governance. 

“The SSTI Convening is a meeting I look forward to all year, it provides an opportunity for an in depth dialogue with my peers, the ability to probe further into successes and challenges, and to take home innovations and renewed energy in support of my state’s transportation program. ” – COP Attendee, 2023

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General agenda

Who should attend? 

Our meetings are open to executive level transportation officials and other invited guests. We encourage DOT CEOs to attend to bring one other key staff member. SSTI will cover all travel and lodging costs for CEOs, as needed. Agency leaders who cannot attend may choose to send a surrogate. 

Touring in Hartford, Connecticut during the 2023 Community of Practice.

Potential topics for discussion

From Roadside to Resource: Maximizing the ROW to Support Sustainable Infrastructure 

Explore innovative approaches to repurpose roadside spaces and maximize the right-of-way for sustainable infrastructure, including longitudinal utilities and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

Repurposing Stroads and Orphan Highways 

Many routes that once moved traffic efficiently between cities are now clogged urban throughfares. Explore fresh approaches to rejuvenating these overlooked highways, whether through transferring ownership or transforming them into bustling boulevards. 

Cultivating New Paradigms: Shaping Organizational Culture and Expectations 

DOT leaders are faced with steering their agencies in new and sometimes challenging directions. This discussion will focus on internal and external strategies to balance urban and rural needs, build local partnerships, and create new incentives. 

Planning for an Uncertain Future

Disruptions like the COVID pandemic, cultural shifts, and mounting environmental concerns mean that longstanding travel models and other predictive tools are increasingly unreliable. Explore ways of planning for uncertainty and meeting the needs of today.

How do I sign up? 

Interested agency leaders can fill out this form and our staff will follow up with meeting details and to assist in making travel arrangements. Anyone with questions or recommendations for discussion topics may reach out to Megan Link. 

“It’s very difficult for any state DOT to progress on its own. The dialogue and idea sharing allowed and encouraged by SSTI help us all move forward with confidence. ” – COP Attendee, 2023