Advancing Complete Streets Among State DOTs

Thursday, November 17, 2022
Implementing Complete Streets policies requires major shifts in framework and thinking compared to how most roads are now designed. In collaboration with Smart Growth America, we invite you to join us November 17 to discuss Advancing Complete Streets Among State DOTs.

2022 Community of Practice Meeting

August 24-25, 2022
SSTI’s 2022 Community of Practice meeting was held August 24-25 in Detroit. COP meetings focus on peer-to-peer interaction between CEOs of state departments of transportation. These meetings allow attendees to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences leading state DOTs. The meetings are open to state DOT CEOs and is by-invitation to others.

Managing travel demand through development rules

May 5, 2022
As cities become more interested in limiting car traffic and supporting walking, biking and public transit, some are beginning to look at how land use policies, specifically the development review process to move closer to (or further from) those goals. In partnership with Smart Growth America, SSTI invites you to a webinar featuring staff from both cities as they discuss their new programs and ongoing efforts putting them into practice.

2020 COP: DOTs’ Role in Reining in VMT

November 16, 2020
Environmental, economic and social demands are increasingly pressuring transportation agencies to reduce the number and length of automobile trips. There is no single accepted playbook for reducing VMT, but research and advances in policy are providing ways forward.

2020 COP: How DOTs Can Advance Antiracism and Equity

November 5, 2020
Last year’s community of practice meeting focused on law enforcement – specifically how facility design and automated enforcement could reduce bias in transportation-related policing. Events of this year have only served to underscore how critically antiracist policy is needed. This session will explore ways DOTs can go beyond conventional practice to advance equity in the communities they serve and within their own organizations

2020 COP: Transportation and Land Use After COVID

October 13, 2020
The accelerated rise in working from home and shopping by mail will disrupt old patterns. As we have begun to see, peak hour, hub-and-spoke commuting may give way to more home-based trips spread throughout the day, affecting both driving and transit use. At the same time, a drop brick-and-mortar shopping could place different stresses on transportation networks and send some traditional commercial centers into decline.