April 2012 Community of Practice

April 23-24, 2012
This SSTI CEO-to-CEO meeting focused on issues related to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and provided an opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction on the successes and challenges experienced by member states.

SSTI Technical Assistance Spotlight: Colorado Energy Smart Transportation Initiative

March 30, 2012
This webinar will detail some of the strategies developed by Colorado’s Energy Smart Transportation Initiative to incorporate energy efficiency and GHG emissions in transportation planning, increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions from transportation, advance environmentally friendly alternative vehicle and fuel technologies, and increase efficiency.

July 2011 Community of Practice Meeting

July 12-13, 2011
The meeting consisted of peer-to-peer discussions between CEOs focused on financial issues confronting state DOTs and strategies, related to both revenues and expenditures, for adjusting to the “new normal.”

Webinar on SSTI Review of PennDOT’s Smart Transportation

June 28, 2011
This webinar highlights some of the best practices from Pennsylvania identified by SSTI’s panel of experts during a two day session with PennDOT in Harrisburg, PA and features Doug MacDonald (former Secretary of the Washington State DOT) and Jim Ritzman (Deputy Secretary for Planning, Pennsylvania DOT).