Advancing Complete Streets Among State DOTs

Thursday, November 17, 2022
Implementing Complete Streets policies requires major shifts in framework and thinking compared to how most roads are now designed. In collaboration with Smart Growth America, we invite you to join us November 17 to discuss Advancing Complete Streets Among State DOTs.

Managing travel demand through development rules

May 5, 2022
As cities become more interested in limiting car traffic and supporting walking, biking and public transit, some are beginning to look at how land use policies, specifically the development review process to move closer to (or further from) those goals. In partnership with Smart Growth America, SSTI invites you to a webinar featuring staff from both cities as they discuss their new programs and ongoing efforts putting them into practice.

Transportation project prioritization: Hear from Virginia and Hawaii

July 10, 2019
State DOTs are moving toward more transparent, data-driven, and multimodal project prioritization and SSTI invites agency leaders to join the effort. Join SSTI’s Chris McCahill, to learn more about our upcoming work, along with Virginia Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment’s Chad Tucker and HDOT’s Ed Sniffen as they share lessons and visions for these innovative approaches.

Moving beyond LOS: The Pasadena story

January 25, 2019
The common practice of restricting infill development based on its impact on roadway level of service (LOS) has for decades depressed green, efficient compact development and induced energy-intensive, costly sprawl. Now many cities are moving to reform their land-use review process to lessen the emphasis on LOS, and instead to focus on system-wide impacts from development, as measured in vehicle-miles traveled (VMT)

Modern traffic mitigation for development in cities: Moving beyond LOS

October 29, 2018
Cities exist to provide people and firms with access to goods, services, employment, and other people. A mark of a city’s success is the clustering of complementary land uses to residents’ and businesses’ mutual benefit; the more people and activities within reach of each other, the greater the benefit from this accessibility. Join Eric Sundquist, SSTI Director; Ramses Madou, Transportation Planner with San Jose Department of Transportation; and moderator Beth Osborne, Senior Policy Advisor at Smart Growth America, for a lively discussion of the opportunities and challenges of moving from LOS to VMT and what steps are needed to make this shift work.