Updating the Innovative DOT

We are looking for new policies and best practices to include in the next edition of the Innovative DOT handbook. To be considered for the handbook, they should meet the following criteria:

  1. It should be a unique policy or practice that could be widely adapted across agencies.
  2. It should embody principles of sustainability, equity, and transparent governance.
  3. It should have a proven record of influencing outcomes at the state, regional, or local level.

Consult our best practice library to see what has already been submitted. You can also contact us at info@ssti.us with any questions or feedback. We appreciate your input!

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Categories and examples

Green and resilient infrastructure Green materials, green construction, resilience, and asset management.
Context sensitive road design Design standards, Complete Streets, practical design, and rightsizing highways.
Traffic management and operations Traffic incident management, transportation demand management, and efficient freight movement.
Revenues and road pricing Mileage-based or dynamic pricing, fees, value capture, and public-private partnerships.
Strategic investments and asset management Flexible funding, grant programs, project prioritization, and fix-it-first policies.
Planning, modeling, and forecasting Performance measures, travel demand models, sketch planning, and accounting for induced demand.
Land use coordination Land use planning and coordinating with local authorities.
Communications and public involvement Transparency, open data, and effective public input.
Organizational structure and workforce development Diversity, equity, and inclusion, hiring, retention, and cultural change.

Best practice library

The following best practices have already been submitted. Return to the top to submit something new.

Note: Best practices may take time to appear once they are submitted.