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Know Your State

Sustainability Indicators

Sustainable transportation systems minimize the negative impacts like transportation emissions and traffic fatalities. An important way of doing this is by lowering vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Explore these key sustainability indicators and others below.

Spending and Revenue

Each state is different in terms of how much money goes toward highways versus transit, how much goes to capital investments versus daily operations, and where that money comes from.

Due to temporary influxes of federal funding for COVID relief and infrastructure spending, these numbers have fluctuated in recent years. For instance, federal funds covered only 8% of transit operations in 2019 and 38% in 2023. Therefore, while the information below includes multiple recent years, 2019 is the default because it provides the most accurate view of historical spending patterns.

State of Good Repair

Maintaining existing infrastructure should be a top priority of transportation agencies. Explore the data below to understand the quality of roads and who is responsible for maintaining them.

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