Reducing Costs in Kansas through Transportation Efficient School Siting

Bill Holloway. Reducing Costs in Kansas through Transportation Efficient School Siting. 2012.

This report was produced by SSTI at the request of the Kansas Department of Transportation in order to better understand the implications of school site selection, particularly transportation-related costs, and how to improve the site selection process in Kansas. It provides a series of recommendations for improving the school site selection process in Kansas with a  focus on increasing understanding and coordination between school districts and other levels of government that may be impacted by their decisions.

The school transportation cost calculator, also developed as part of the project, allows school district officials and others to estimate the transportation related costs of potential school sites based on their distance from students, urban form, walkability, and school district. The calculator takes into account cost accruing to the school district, families, and government. For more information about cost estimates used in the model, see Appendix E of the Report and the Calculator’s “about” page.