Transportation Options & VMT Reduction Field Scan

Megan Link, Chris McCahill, and Aaron Westling. Transportation Options & VMT Reduction Field Scan. 2023.

This report presents the findings of a brief field scan conducted in early 2023 to understand current initiatives, opportunities, and challenges experienced by local communities throughout Minnesota regarding efforts to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and improve multimodal accessibility. It involves a review of existing policy documents, a brief survey of local organizations across the state, and follow-up interviews with selected representatives. The project demonstrates that while there is considerable support for the types of initiatives that could help lower VMT, many local agencies have more urgent priorities and lack the capacity or resources to fully engage VMT-reduction efforts. Some also see the concept as running contrary to local priorities. MnDOT has many opportunities to support and work more closely with these agencies, including funding opportunities, communications support, data resources, and others.