Jay Ferm

Position title: Office & Financial Manager

Email: jferm@ssti.us

Phone: 608.265.8665

Jay Ferm is the Office & Financial Manager for High Road Strategy Center. He grew up in an old industrial city along the Mississippi River. Walking the streets of a city designed before cars gave Jay an appreciation for quality city design. While he has a BA in Physics from Augustana College, Jay is a city nerd at heart with a driving interest in designing cities for people. Prior to High Road Strategy Center, Jay worked at Planet Bike where he directed giving to bicycle advocacy groups around the country and Community Car, where he helped launch Madison’s first car-sharing business. Jay served on the City of Madison Urban Design Commission where he helped ensure new projects served pedestrians and bicyclists well, and that they integrated gracefully with the surrounding urban fabric. Jay has a strong interest in racial justice and believes we all need to understand our individual relationship to race and how it has affected our lives, for better or worse. At High Road Strategy Center, Jay takes care of the business side so the rest of our awesome team can carry on the good work.