CAFE standards may be easier to meet than previously thought

Consumers might favor vehicles that accelerate a little slower, if the vehicles are also much more fuel conscious and greenhouse gas friendly. That is the conclusion of a study published in Environmental Science & Technology by researchers at Carnegie Mellon, UC-Berkeley, and University of Michigan. The research might also help transportation agencies manage local safety if cars were to accelerate more slowly.

Walk/Transit/Bike Score now an important number for real estate

Walk Score, and now its associated Transit Score and Bike Score have become increasingly important metrics for both brokers selling and renting homes and those searching for a place to live. Access to transportation options is important to those frustrated with congestion and rising gas prices as well as those who simply want a walkable neighborhood.

The Shifting Nature of U.S. Housing Demand (The Demand Institute, 2012)

The Demand Institute believes that a housing market recovery has begun, but this recovery will be different from previous ones because of new market conditions and expectations. These differences may impact transportation planning as commuting and non-work travel patterns change.