Bike share programs’ support of transit constrained by FTA funding rules

New bike share programs offer another opportunity to provide better access to public transit, bridging the important “last mile” between trip origins and destinations. In the U.S., however, Federal Transit Administration funding for the installation of bike-sharing stations adjacent to transit services has stalled, in part due to funding eligibility rules. Currently, FTA funds may pay for planning and construction of the bike share station itself, but not the purchase of actual bicycles. Bicycles can be purchased using FHWA funding, however. FTA and USDOT officials have acknowledged the need to change eligibility rules to embrace the rapidly growing demand for bike share, but as yet no changes have been made.

From FHWA, a template

Recognizing the need for more attention to freight in the planning process, FHWA has developed a Statewide Freight Plan Template to help states include freight in their planning: “Today, one of the biggest challenges facing …