Shifting to driverless ride-hailing services—disruption, convergence, adaptation

A new policy guide focusing on automated vehicle ride-hailing services argues convincingly for leaders in city government to set policies to govern this rapidly developing transportation service. The guide makes the case that cities, counties, and states should get out in front of this coming reality with policies designed to assure the most benefits for the city and its resident.

The Connected Vehicle (World Road Association and International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies, 2012)

The advent of Intelligent Transport Systems has provided new opportunities for improving the safety and efficiency of the road network. The development of intelligent vehicles, connected by wireless networks to the roadside infrastructure, brings opportunities and issues which are discussed in this report.

Infrastructure 2011: A Strategic Priority (Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young, 2012)

Based on extensive research and interviews with industry leaders, this report surveys global infrastructure trends and activities in 2011, then examines in depth current U.S. infrastructure policy and the outlook for meeting the nation’s significant repair and rebuilding challenges.