Tracking State Transportation Dollars (Tri-State Transportation Campaign, 2012)

Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s 50-state analysis begins to answer questions about how transportation dollars are spent so the public can better un-derstand transportation priorities in their state. To do this, TSTC analyzed each state’s statewide transportation …

Reform STIP documents for greater transparency

A new report from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign evaluates the STIPs of all 50 states. Although analyses of individual state STIPs are useful in understanding state priorities and near-term transportation spending, information gleaned from STIPs alone is insufficient as a basis for comparison between states. While all STIPs must be updated at least every four years and are required to cover a period of at least four years, federal standards for STIP development and content leave states with considerable leeway. To provide a better platform for state-to-state comparisons and national trends, the report provides four key recommendations for states interested in increasing the utility of their STIPs.